Photo-essay Depicts Home Nursing in Gaza Strip; All AJN May Articles Free for Next Two Weeks

The above photo is from a photo-essay on home nursing in the Gaza Strip that appears in the May issue of AJN. The text and images depict Palestinian nurses trained by a medical aid organization called Merlin to attend to local communities in need, especially those cut off from urban health care services. Have a look (since it’s a photo-essay, we suggest you click through to the PDF version once you reach the article). 

In honor of Nurses’ Week, which occurs in early May, this and all other articles in AJN will be free from now until May 15. At all other times, the departments and article types listed below are always free (along with other selected articles):

  • Reflections, a monthly personal essay from a reader
  • Viewpoint, a position piece from an expert or concerned citizen
  • news articles like this on turf wars between physicians and nurse anesthetists, this on the continuing trickiness of treating sepsis, and this on a new plan for radiation safety
  • Art of Nursing (it’s a poem this month; click through to the PDF to read it)
  • the editorial
  • letters like this one on end-of-life opioid use
  • CE features such as this comprehensive look at asthma in adolescents and adults

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