AJN 2010 Book of the Year Awards

The AJN Books of the Year Awards is regarded by nurses and authors as the most important designation of excellence in book publishing for and about nursing. For the 2010 contest, judges will consider only books and electronic products published between August 1, 2009, and August 1, 2010. Books published outside of that time frame will be disqualified.

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Deadline for submitting materials for consideration is August 2, 2010.

The list of winners will be published in the January 2011 issue of AJN.

For details, contact Amanda Geer at 646-674-6609, or amanda.geer@wolterskluwer.com.


Advanced Practice Nursing 
Advanced clinical practice literature, including clinical research, physical assessment skills, critical thinking, case studies, and pathophysiology. The target audience for books in this category must include nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, nurse midwives, and/or nurse anesthetists.

Critical Care/Emergency Nursing 
Books that address the complex acute and emergent care needs of patients in a critical care environment. 

Gerontological Nursing 
Fundamental to understanding the complex physical, social, and emotional needs of the older adult in all settings.

Medical-Surgical Nursing 
Fundamental to understanding the complex clinical needs and comprehensive diagnoses of patients in acute care settings such as an adult hospital unit, home care, or long-term care.

Nursing Management/Leadership
Insights into the philosophy of management/leadership, standards, and strategies used by nurse managers and leaders.

Nursing Education/Continuing Education
Books that address the continued development of educators’ expertise in creating innovative programs and teaching strategies to reach adult learners in complex, changing learning environments. 

Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing
Insights into the dynamics of mental health problems and their management.

Professional Development and Issues
Professional issues confronting nurses, including the legal and ethical dimensions of practice and role issues.

History and Public Policy
Broader health care issues, public policies, and historic works that are relevant to nurses.

Community/Public Health
Works that focus on aggregate-level theory and strategies for working with communities to promote the health of the public.

Consumer Health Publication
Health-related books intended for a lay audience, although they may be valuable resources for the professional nurse. 

Nursing Research
Books that further nurses’ understanding of research and its application to practice.

Electronic Media
CDs, videotapes, and audiotapes related to nursing practice and health care; the category does not include on-line products.

Maternal-Child Nursing/Childbirthing
Family health and pediatrics.

Public Interest and Creative Works
This category includes books about nurses, nursing, and health care written by nurses or non-nurses for a public audience.  Books can be fiction or non-fiction.  Creative writing such as books of poetry may also be considered.  Books that are marketed solely to nurses will not be considered in this category.

Palliative Care and Hospice
This category includes books about end of life care, palliative care and symptom management, death, and dying.

Information Technology/Informatics
This category includes content about nursing’s role and the use of electronic media; computer systems; social media, and nurses’ use of online media.

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