Button2012In 2011, after devastating tornadoes struck Alabama, we ran a series of blog posts, “Dispatches from the Alabama Tornado Zone,” by Susan Hassmiller, the senior adviser for nursing at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Hassmiller went to Alabama as a Red Cross volunteer, and reported back to us with a number of moving and inspiring posts and photos. The recent tornadoes in Oklahoma are the occasion for a new series we will be publishing in the coming days and weeks and collecting on this page. The posts will be listed below in the order in which they are published:

“Old Friends Among the Devastation”

“An Oklahoma Nurse With a Focus on Better Organizing Disaster Response”

“From a Fertilizer Plant Explosion to Tornado Response: No Rest for This Red Cross Manager”

“Retired ER Nurse Not Taking It Easy as Red Cross Volunteer in Oklahoma Tornado Zone”

“Realistic Expectations, Preparedness, Staff Wellness: Crucial Considerations for Red Cross Nurse Volunteers”
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