What Nurses Told Us About How They Relax

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We recently posed the following question on AJN’s Twitter page: “RNs: we want to know: how do you relax?” Some of the answers are below. Exercise is one biggie, at least among those who answered. (Are Twitterers more exercise-prone than non-Twitterers? Hmmm….) Anything you’d like to add to our unscientific list of ways to relax? (If for any reason you mind us citing your Twitter self here, please let us know and we will remove your comment!)

Safety4Nurses @AmJNurs I was recently reminded by my 6 month old puppy that play time and naps are important for relaxation!

ErinRN @AmJNurs relax with hot bath, alcohol, reading, and favorite tv show (not all at once, ha!)

lydiasmith@AmJNurs Prayer, music, going out dancing, and cooking. Psychosociospiritual and physical modes! Practice what we preach.

andrealgilmore @AmJNurs: #1 getting off the floor & outside if possible. #2 balancing work with family & me time. #3 exercise and last but not least, TEA.

WendyGlosser @AmJNurs I jump in my pool but also have a photography business on the side that allows me to escape a few times a week.

superjenie RT @AmJNurs: RNs: we want to know: how do you relax? –LOL do we nurses ever relax?? :))

LiveLaughLetGo @AmJNurs The best way for me is to run, but also hanging with friends and family.

ThaRizz0 @AmJNurs As an RN I find time to exercise and push my body. Nothing relieves stress more than a vigorous session in the gym

momofjl @AmJNurs as a nurse manager, I dont

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  2. eliz June 15, 2010 at 12:14 am

    relaxing may be a thing of hte past but as we age learning to take time for ourselves becomes a bigger priority. exercise like has been mentioned in previous posts is an excellent idea. not only does it de-stress but the benefits of exercise are more than just a de-stress method. keeping ones health on track is very important.

  3. Vicki June 9, 2010 at 3:54 pm

    I find it very hard to relax more and more the longer I am a Pediatric ICU nurse. But running helps a lot!!

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