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Welcome to AJN’s blog, Off the Charts. As the name implies, the blog will be a place for spontaneous discussions of issues and happenings in the world of nursing and health care. What an opportunity to get nursing perspectives to a general audience concerned about health care. That’s one of the beauties of the Web. We’ll start with posts twice a week, but hope to get to daily writing. Unlike the articles published by AJN, blog posts will not be peer reviewed. We’ll look to readers to provide corrections, reactions, and other perspectives on topics. Comments are welcome if they are not abusive or otherwise inappropriate.

This is actually my second experience with blogging. I’ve been making occasional posts as a guest contributor on a blog sponsored by Disruptive Women in Health Care. The site includes bloggers from all lengths of the political continuum and topics that are quite diverse. Check it out.

But also check out this blog on a regular basis. Bookmark it or connect to it from the AJN Web site. AJN launched its new Web site in February and will continue to unfold exciting features over the coming year. You can access articles from AJN, podcasts of issue highlights and interviews with authors and thought leaders in nursing and health care, videos, news alerts, and more.

Diana J. Mason, Phd, RN, AJN Editor-in-Chief

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