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Photo by Tim Patterson, via Flickr

Photo by Tim Patterson, via Flickr

 Kim at Emergiblog has the peculiar habit of writing about her passion for Nascar racing in, for example, the same post in which she discusses her headache-inducing efforts to make sense of the health care reform debate.  I’m not sure how many nurses actively follow Nascar (maybe there are more than I imagine), but the fact that she’s able to weave the various aspects of her life together (in particular, the nursing and non-nursing parts) in entertaining, thoughtful, and provocative posts does grow on you. It’s smart, and it’s real.    

An interesting (and somewhat bottomless) question has been posed over at What are the top five ethical dilemmas faced by nurses? 

At Running a Hospital, we learn that “Michelangelo’s David has been on loan in U.S. museums, in an exhibit sponsored by America’s fast food restaurants.” (Is the joke in poor taste? It makes its point, certainly…)

At the Wall Street Journal health blog, there’s this story (in case further evidence is needed that not everyone at the table in the health care debate is out for your best interests): “A guy who spent his career working for health-insurance companies went up to Capitol Hill today and unloaded on his former industry.”

And the UK’s Nursing Times reports on a BMJ study that concludes that “osteoporosis bone density monitoring ‘cannot be justified.'” (For more on this topic, see this recent AJN article on the marketing of osteoporosis, written by consumer advocate Maryann Napoli.)

Jacob Molyneux, senior editor
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