By Shawn Kennedy, AJN interim editor-in-chief

As I’m writing this, I’m lucky enough to be in Puerto Rico, out of the record-setting snow storm that just hit the Northeast (and further south as well). But I’m still following the news of the storm and “real life” (sun and sand in February is so not real life) and trying to keep up with work e-mail a bit so it won’t overwhelm me when I get home (it will anyway).

Which brings me to my point: how difficult it is to shake off real life today and just relax. As I’m sitting here in the hotel lobby using the Internet connection, I see at least a dozen other people on laptops and another dozen or so on cell phones. As I look out the large windows to the palm trees and blue sky, I realize there is something definitely wrong with the picture—I’m not out there stocking up on Vitamin D. I’d better go—for health reasons, you understand.

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