We Want You, or Someone You Know! Tell Us About Nurses Making a Difference

Uncle_Sam_(pointing_finger)Nurses in all settings are doing important work and making a difference, and we want to highlight them and the good work they do. AJN’s Profiles column highlights the diverse ways in which nurses contribute their leadership, compassion, and talent to enhance patient care directly in their institutions or through innovations in policy, research, or education that have had far-reaching impact.

Our profiles include:

We’re inviting suggestions for nurses to feature in Profiles. If you know of a nurse who is doing great work, let us know. Or if you have developed an interesting or unique program, tell us about it.

In the form below, enter your name and email address and describe how you or your colleague is transforming health care and making a difference in patients’ lives. If selected, we will interview you for the full story.

To see all of the Profiles AJN has published in the past few years, check out our collection here.

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