Soccer Brain: Teaching Families about the Dangers of Head Injuries in Youth Sports

By Diana Mason, AJN editor-in-chief-emeritus

soccerI’ve been disturbed by a relative’s seeming lack of concern about his teenage son’s repeated head injuries from playing soccer. I think he doesn’t believe what I tell him about the long-term consequences of head injuries sustained in sports such as football and soccer. So brava to Jane E. Brody, the New York Times Personal Health columnist, for writing about it. She included a symptom guide that sets out what’s of concern and the importance of monitoring those with head injuries for at least 72 hours.

Every emergency room nurse and any nurse who attends youth sporting events should share this article with the parents of children who play contact or collision sports. I’m sending it to my relatives. See AJN’s article on combat-zone traumatic brain injuries for more on the topic.

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