School Nurses, H1N1, Understaffing, and Public Safety

We’ve posted here, here, and here in recent days about the importance of school nurses during the H1N1 outbreak.

Now here’s strong testimony before the U.S. House Committee on Education and Labor from the California State Superintendent of Public Instruction on why school nurses were crucial during the H1N1 outbreak and why understaffing issues must be addressed for the sake of public health.

“At last count, there are approximately 2,844 nurses who serve California’s 6.3 million public school students. That translates to a ratio of 2,227 students to every one school nurse, the largest student-to-nurse ratio in the country. This in no way, shape or form provides effective healthcare for the increasing numbers of students with complex chronic and immediate health needs that require daily care on our school campuses. If we had more school nurses on our campuses, perhaps they could have played an even greater role in early detection and prevention efforts.”

Senior editor/social media strategy, American Journal of Nursing, and editor of AJN Off the Charts.


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