Role Reversal: Remember That Nursing Student You Almost Failed?

AugustReflectionScreenshotI was having trouble breathing as I lay on that gurney in the chaotic ED. Was it a result of my fear? Or did I have an unseen pulmonary injury?

I had been in a car accident. I was in pain, and the cause of my pain was obvious. My neck hurt, my tibia poked through the skin on my right leg, and my right foot looked mangled and bloody. The reason for my fear was more complicated. Although I’d been a nurse for more than 20 years, this was the first time I had been so completely dependent on the health care system. I felt vulnerable. I knew too much. I needed to feel confident that the ED nurse assessing my injuries would do a thorough job and give unqualified support to a fellow nurse-turned-patient.

Read the full August Reflections here (click on the PDF version in the upper right hand corner if the link takes you to the less attractive html version instead). And let us know if you’ve ever experienced a reversal of roles that’s in any way similar.

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