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I wish there was something like available back when I was a new nurse. In addition to reading the site’s great articles on career management, participants can post their own stories or questions about nursing and get feedback from one another in a safe, friendly environment. There are also useful videos and humorous postings. (The very good video series on how to deal with preceptors would have helped me back in 1996. I just recommended them to a friend of mine who was fired from her first nursing position due to a conflict with a preceptor.) While the site is geared toward new nurses and students, experienced nurses will find it interesting too and can use it as a venue to mentor novices who are struggling with their new roles. 

Christine Moffa, MS, RN, is AJN’s clinical editor. She will be giving periodic updates and recommendations, so check back.

"Nurse Moffa," AJN's clinical editor, with pals Rico and Giusepina

"Nurse Moffa," AJN's clinical editor, with pals Rico and Giusepina


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