Nurses and Doctors in Iran Protest Police Brutality


Here’s a June 16 YouTube video that apparently shows outraged nurses and physicians in Tehran protesting police brutality against protesters. The courage this must take is hard to imagine, even if nothing terrible happens in the video. One prominent blog  linking to the video includes this translation from a reader:

One woman (maybe a nurse) shows a sign which says 8 people were martyred here last night. Toward the end of the clip the young man (whose voice breaks down many times) is saying that he witnessed the brutal beating of women and children and wonders who these brutish forces are . . .

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  1. ninjanurse June 17, 2009 at 3:29 pm

    When we see how others are willing to risk their lives for democracy, we know how precious it is. I hope the people of Iran, who have suffered so much will win the right to vote in a good leader and have their vote count.

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