By Bob Jagendorf/via Flickr

A relaxing and safe Fourth of July weekend from the AJN editors to all nurses in the U.S., whether you’re taking it easy or on the job!

A recent poll conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation shows rising popularity for the health care reform law. Many hard decisions still need to be made; innovation is more crucial than ever. Nurses who’d like a clearer sense of how the health care reform law may affect them in the coming years should have a look at “Health Care Reform: What’s In It for Nursing?” in our July edition. Written by AJN‘s emeritus editor-in-chief Diana Mason, it points out some of the new models of care the law promotes, models in which nurses play an increasingly important and vital role at every level. As often in the dynamic history of this country, there will be new kinds of opportunities for those who are ready for them.—JM, blog editor

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