From the Blogs: Negotiating Medicare, Nurses Doing Research, Reader Comments

[youtube=] Medicare is confusing for providers who aren’t yet familiar with it. Here’s a Nursetopia post that draws attention to its complexity and notes the useful video above (it’s one of a series of videos on different aspects of Medicare). Those of you who know all about it already: Drop by her thoughtful (and consistently updated!) blog and let her know your own tips on handling the ins and outs of Medicare and Medicaid.

EBP matters. Terri Schmitt at Nurse Story has a frank and engaging post on evidence-based practice (EBP): “Translation of EBP: Why Creating Nurse Scientists is the Way to Improve Patient Outcomes.” Here’s what she promises to cover in it:

  • Research is sometimes far removed from bedside nurses
  • Research is COOL!
  • Research is about PATIENTS and not fame/fortune of researcher
  • Research is critical to practice and there are big gaps that nurses need to fill
  • Bedside nurses may be the most crucial link in research ideas, translation, and practice.

(Shameless plug for related AJN content: See our recent, amazingly useful step-by-step CE series on how nurses can get involved in evidence-based practice.)

Plus a brief note on reader comments: we’ve been getting a lot of great comments lately on this blog, and we’re grateful for that. So thank you. A fair number of the comments were on posts from previous months, such as this post comparing U.S. and Australian health care systems. Is somebody by chance teaching a nursing course that requires students to leave thoughtful, respectful, engaged comments in the blogosphere? If so, bless you!—JM, senior editor/blog editor

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