Dog Days of August Blog Roundup

What are nurses blogging about this August? (And why do they call these the “dog days”?) A random sampling of what crossed our desks:

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The labor and delivery RN who writes the blog At Your Cervix has a nice short post this week on a team of nurses working together to avert a potential catastrophic event.

Artist, writer, nurse, JParadisiRN has a new post that takes the Steven Slater flight attendant incident as a jumping-off point to discuss what drives nurses crazy and unnecessarily slows down work flow. Her answer, in this post at least: waiting for the physician’s order.

Nursetopia writes of a few of her favorite things about being a nurse. (Preprinted physician order forms are one of them, to refer back to the previous post mentioned… So is working on Christmas Day.)

GuitarGirl RN asks why, why, why about the patients who come to the ER where she works. Why do they believe the Internet over the advice of their physicians? Why do they see a crisis when nothing is happening? And so on…

Ok, and just to balance things out, here’s one from Anonymous Doc, who asks why people in the end stages of terminal illness go on believing in long-shot treatments, and physicians go on giving them, despite the fact that he’s never seen a single one result in a miracle. In other words, when is hope justified, and when is it less so. But that’s to get at the heart of what makes us human. No easy answers, and he doesn’t try to give easy answers…

Lastly, closer to home (home being New York City for AJN), nurses and other former employees of beloved, much needed, but now closed St. Vincent’s Hospital in Greenwich Village have filed suit for full release of records revealing management’s role in the hospital’s financial failure.—JM, senior editor

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  1. jparadisirn August 18, 2010 at 9:08 pm

    Thanks for the mention among a great group of posts!

  2. Joni Watson August 18, 2010 at 11:15 am

    Thanks for the mention! Love the “round up.”

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