Clara Barton Tour Underway

By Linda MacIntyre, PhD, RN, chief nurse of the American Red Cross

Tour group at Clara Barton Office of Missing Soldiers Museum, Washington, DC.

The Clara Barton Tour officially began last evening. Participants gathered for dinner and conversation. Annie Bartholomew, long a student of Clara Barton, gave a brief overview of Barton’s life, with teasers for her upcoming presentation on the bus. Annie has stories to tell that might best be revealed over a glass of wine.

Reasons given for coming on the tour included

  • not having heard of Clara Barton and thinking it was time to learn about her,
  • over 40 years of studying Clara’s life,
  • a birthday gift from a husband.

And many came because of their connection with Sue Hassmilller, long-time volunteer and board member. It is Sue’s vision and energy that made the Clara Barton Tour possible and we are saddened that she’s not able to participate due to a family emergency. Sue’s wish for us is to enjoy the tour and to send prayers. We’re committed to doing both.

Clara Barton at desk, Red Cross HQ, 1905

Barton, Red Cross HQ, 1905

Jean Johnson, PhD, RN, FAAN, a member of the American Red Cross National Nursing Committee, is leading the tour in Sue’s absence and it’s off to a great start. I’m especially pleased to hear that some participants are interested in learning how they can volunteer with the Red Cross. We’re looking forward to learning about Clara, the Red Cross, and how the original mission of service is carried out today.

The photo at top shows the tour group today at the Clara Barton Office of Missing Soldiers Museum, Washington, DC. All updates from the tour are being collected at the Clara Barton Study Tour landing page, where you’ll also find out why Clara Barton’s life and work remain influential today, plus the tour rationale and itinerary in the Washington, DC, area and then in Geneva, Switzerland—so bookmark the page and check back, or just subscribe to this blog to receive all new posts in your inbox.



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