AJN’s January Issue: Perceptions of Employment-Based Discrimination Among FENs, Self-Management of Incontinence, Book of the Year Awards, More

AJNJANAJN’s January issue is now available on our Web site. Here’s a selection of what not to miss, including two continuing education (CE) articles, which you can access for free.

Experts say that nursing shortages could reappear as soon as 2015. Historically, foreign-educated nurses (FENs) have been essential in filling those spaces. This month’s original research article, “Perceptions of Employment-Based Discrimination Among Newly Arrived Foreign-Educated Nurses,” surveyed FENs to determine whether they perceived they were being treated equitably in the U.S. workplace.

Earn 2.5 CE credits by reading this article and taking the test that follows. If you’re reading AJN on your iPad, you can listen to a podcast interview with the author by clicking on the podcast icon on the first page. The podcast is also available on our Web site.

Incontinence can have many distressing physical and social outcomes, and many sufferers try to deal with the condition on their own. “Self-Management of Urinary and Fecal Incontinence” provides nurses with strategies that can be incorporated within the framework of self-management to control urinary, fecal, or dual incontinence. Earn 2.3 CE credits by reading this article and taking the test that follows.

Violence is a recognized public health problem in the Unites States, and the media’s focus on recent tragic stories has likely reinforced the common perception that mental illness causes violence. “Mental Health and Violence,” an article in our Mental Health Matters column, reviews the relevant research and describes how all nurses can identify the signs and symptoms of potential violence in their patients. Listen to a podcast interview with the author on your iPad by clicking on the podcast icon on the first page of the article or download the podcast from our Web site.

Last year, a new and severe acute respiratory infection was discovered in Saudi Arabia. “Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV),” an article in our Emerging Infections column, describes the rapid identification of the causative organism and the story of how this often deadly infection was tracked.

Looking for a good read? The votes are in, and the winners of AJN’s annual Book of the Year Awards are listed in this issue. A supplemental online-only companion to the article provides the judges’ reviews for each book.

There’s plenty more in this issue, including an update to an article on resources for leadership development that we originally published in 2006 and AJN‘s special “Annual Year in Review 2013” in In The News. And don’t forget to check out our January cover. AJN’s take on Norman Rockwell’s Before the Shot, painted by Jerry Miller, shows a primary care provider we’re increasingly likely to see in today’s changing health care landscape: an NP. For more on the growing role of the NP, see this month’s editorial, “The New Paradigm: The Nurse as Family Doctor.”

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