AJN on Influenza Planning, circa 2007: “Striking a Balance Between Risk and Preparedness”

“Disaster planning based on events such as
floods or hurricanes, which are local or regional in scale,
may be inadequate for responding to a lethal influenza pandemic
that has the potential to overwhelm existing public
health infrastructures. However, if a mild strain of the virus
achieves pandemic proportions, the current public health system
may be able to manage the outbreak relatively easily.
Therefore, the challenge in pandemic influenza planning is to
find a balance between risk and preparedness. Planners and
policy makers must make realistic estimates of the consequences
of a pandemic and allocate limited resources wisely,
so that everyday health care and social needs aren’t shortchanged.
This article examines what we’ve learned from past
influenza pandemics and answers some frequently asked
questions about pandemics and how to prepare for them.”

Read the full AJN article here.

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