AJN Named One of the Century’s Most Influential Journals

Photo by Sarah G., via Flickr.

Photo by Sarah G., via Flickr.

AJN has received lots of awards over the last decade, but few compare to the most recent one. The Specialized Libraries Association (SLA) has selected AJN as one of the 100 most influential journals of the century in biology and medicine—and the only nursing journal to receive that distinction.

AJN is in its 111th year of publication. It is the profession’s journal, the most reliable source of best practices, cutting-edge trends, and policy; and it also contains the history of American nursing in its pages—including developments in the American Red Cross, military nursing, the American Nurses Association (ANA), and issues that nurses have confronted across the decades and will continue to face as they go forward in this time of seemingly continual change.

As I write this, AJN is itself changing in many exciting ways to meet the needs of readers connected to the Web. Stay tuned as we go forward; tell us what you want to hear from us; engage us in conversation; and expect insight, challenge, and yes, that most boring, rare, and necessary of characteristics, reliability.
—Diana J. Mason, RN, Editor-in-Chief

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