AJN in October: Nursing Student Errors, Septic Shock Resuscitation, the Ethics of Workarounds, More

The October issue of AJN is now live. Here are some articles we’d like to bring to your attention.

CE: Original Research: Exploring How Nursing Schools Handle Student Errors and Near Misses

The authors investigate nursing school policies and practices for reporting and tracking student errors and near misses. The first part of a two-part series.

CE: Assessing Patients During Septic Shock Resuscitation

How to integrate capillary refill time and skin mottling score into the perfusion reassessment after initial fluid resuscitation—as recommended by revisions to the Surviving Sepsis Campaign six-hour bundle.

Obesity and Sexual Dysfunction: Making the Connection

Obesity affects patients’ general health, but does it affect their sexuality? A review of the evidence on obesity and sexual functioning, plus nursing considerations for addressing weight-loss strategies with patients.

Workarounds Are Routinely Used By Nurses—But Are They Ethical?

How nurses can be creative problem solvers without resorting to workarounds that may be ethical in intent yet potentially harmful in their consequences.

There’s much more in our October issue, including:

  • An AJN Reports on marijuana legalization and teen use
  • Correspondence from Abroad column by a nurse who helped establish and lead a bachelor of science in nursing program in Bangladesh
  • Profile of Sarah Szanton, who created a program that helps low-income seniors live more safely in their homes.

Click here to browse the table of contents and explore the issue on our website.

A note on the cover:

On this month’s cover, a clinical instructor from the Kent State University College of Nursing in Kent, Ohio, helps a student perform a fingerstick glucose test at the bedside.

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