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2009-11-13T10:41:52+00:00 October 30th, 2009|health care policy|1 Comment
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  1. Phyllis Boone RN BSN CCRN November 18, 2009 at 6:08 pm

    I cannot support a program which will increase the deficit so as to place into debt my unborn grandchildren. I think that theft for any reason but especially generational theft is immoral.
    There is much that can be done about health care reform without resorting to government-run healthcare and its ensuing burden on later generations. The government can make it easier to purchase insurance across state lines to increase competition between providers. However, the government should not be allowed to compete with private, free market insurance companies because it the government can print money it doesn’t have. The free market cannot. The government can engender tort reform to reduce malpractice insurance costs to providers– if it has the courage. the government can support individual HSA’s with high deductible insurance for catastrophic events-to increase personal responsibility for the invincible young yet cover them if they have a catastrophic illness. These positive measures are likely to be more helpful than the punitive measures in the current senate version of the health reform bill. I would also like to see the current administration slow down and figure out what is working in our present system and consider ways to change the things that aren’t-rather than completely and comprehensively reform health care- 20% of the national GNP– blindly.
    I would suggest that President Obama attend a leadership course on effective change. I think he was asleep in class when power-coercive change was identified as the least effective form of the three different models of change. There is a course offered at the non- Ivy League University where I am obtaining my MSN. If he wasn’t asleep, then this whole idea of health-care reform, stimulus, and taking over of our industries and redistributing wealth is about socialism and state control-an ananthema to our founding fathers.

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