A Focus on Meaning and Attitude: This Week’s Nursing Blog Post Suggestions

By Jacob Molyneux, AJN senior editor

'Autumn Washed Away,' Diane Hammond/ via Flickr

‘Autumn Washed Away,’ Diane Hammond/ via Flickr

Here are a few recent posts by nurses that you might find of interest. As I put this together, a theme emerged, so it seemed fair to just go with it. Maybe the approach of these bloggers has to do with the time of year, the shorter days and colder weather as we approach the winter holidays . . .

At the intriguingly titled Nursing Notes of Discord blog, there’s a short reminder post with a fairly straightforward descriptive title: “Anyone Can Make a Positive Difference.” And, the author points out, you “don’t even have to be a nurse” to do so.

At Digital Doorway, Nurse Keith has a recent post that also focuses on positivity, this time about one’s profession: “For Nurses, ‘Just’ Is a Four-Letter Word.”

At HospiceDiary.org, in the lovely post “Leaves, Geese and Other Ramblings”—as the below quote may suggest—we find another angle on this theme of being present and focusing on the good in the midst of sometimes constant, poignant awareness of change, loss, dying, and rebirth:

Fall moves into winter. Unequivocal  fact. The furrowed fields and leftover husks are what remains of a harvest of work . . .

Just to pursue this theme a little further: At Love and Ladybits, today’s post is also about something to be grateful for: nurse practitioners. The post “NP Week, Party Time, Excellent” gives us a glimpse of how the author became an NP, and has a line that might make many workers in other professions jealous: “I know that I’m exactly where I belong, doing exactly what I’m meant to be doing.”

However, in case you find yourself relying too much on your job for happiness or fulfillment, Not Nurse Ratched has a post that keeps things in perspective and makes a plug for getting up to some other activities from time to time: “‘I am not my job,’ importance of, and.”

As always, relevant thoughts about positivity, mortality, hope, professional satisfaction, excellent hobbies, nursing, proper catheter placement, and the like are more than welcome in the comments section below.

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