AJN’s Nursing Blogs List: A Work in Progress

Photo by mezone, via Flickr.

Photo by mezone, via Flickr.

We don’t necessarily endorse the opinions or ideas found on the blogs listed on this page, but do try to fairly regularly update this list to weed out those that are no longer being updated and add newcomers you might be interested in.

The list is arranged alphabetically, not in order of quality. Having read some unconvincing “top 10 nursing blogs” lists, often cobbled together from randomly chosen blogs of wildly varying quality—seemingly more for the sake of getting traffic to the site compiling the list than as a legitimate public service—we can at least assert with confidence that this isn’t that kind of list.

If your blog appears to be engaged in regular product endorsement or you are primarily promoting your own consulting work, we probably won’t include you on this list. Please send correspondence and new blog suggestions to this address. We’ll do our best to get back to you soon:



  1. Thank you very much for including the Nurse Speak Blog on your list! It is my passion to improve the nursing profession through diverse collaboration, and raising awareness to the issues that nurses face every day in providing our patients with the care that they deserve! I am honored to be a part of your blog list, and I look forward to continued collaboration with your team!

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  2. Thanks for including http://meta4RN.com on the AJN’s Nursing Blogs List – it’s very much appreciated.

    My blog’s name “meta4RN” is a homophone, to be read as either “metaphor RN” or “meta for RN”.

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  3. Thank you, AJN, for including me on your list! I am honored.

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  4. Thank you for including Nursing Notes of Discord on this list!


  5. This country has relied on recruited nurses for decades. When we are on nurses we import them. The U.S is notorious for not treating people from other places equitably. Patricia Pittman and her colleagues worked hard on their survey in order to find out how the imported nurses felt about the way they were treated. The results were about half of the nurses surveyed did not have positive things to say. This proves that we must improve the way we train and treat nurses brought here to help. So the biggest question we must ask is can we learn from the mistakes of the past?


  6. I thank you, too, for including my blog about life after retirement. I also love reading the “active” nurse blogs and reminiscing about the past, but they do make me tired, and I have to remind myself that I was that busy once too!

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  7. THANK YOU for including me in this post! I think AJN’s list of blogs gives passionate nurses with a voice a broader audience. Much appreciated. NurseGail.com

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  8. Thank you for including The (fictional) Adventures of Nurse Niki. We’re not sure yet if she’s an actual alter ego of JParadisiRN, but JParadisiRN is grateful you included both blogs.


  9. Thank you for including Nurseables on your list!


  10. Of course. We have a number of non-U.S. bloggers on the list, I’m pretty sure. We are subjective about who we choose, but generally look for blogs that still update on a regular basis, that are civil, that aren’t run by unspecified corporate entities aggregating online education options for nurses, and that do more than simply complain about unpleasant patients (though of course there’s a place for this!). Please send suggestions or other correspondence to nursingblog@wolterskluwer.com.


  11. Interested in UK nurse bloggers? There are a few starting to emerge….


  12. I’d just like to say that “At Your Cervix” is the greatest blog name I’ve ever seen!


  13. thanks for including Kmareka.com on your list. I just posted about the lone, brave, female doctor who kept Thalidomide away from the American public–



  14. Will make that change. Thanks for letting us know!


  15. Thanks for including me on the list!


  16. I am really honored to be included on this list. Thank you so much.

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