The Hardest Decision: A Military Husband Returns to Tragedy at Home

FebruaryReflectionsIllustrationOur February Reflections essay, “The Hardest Decision,” is by a Amanda Richmond, a nurse based in Arkansas. It’s about a husband facing a drastically changed world upon return from deployment overseas—and a nurse who bears witness. Here’s the opening paragragh. Reflections essays can always be read without a subscription to AJN.—JM, senior editor

That she was still beautiful made her situation all the more tragic. She had little visible damage. An EVD tube snaked out from under her hair and deposited its contents into a drip chamber. Her chest rose and fell at a preselected rate of 14 breaths per minute. iv lines disappeared under her gown and terminated into a central line. On the monitor, her vital signs were flawless.

Taking A Stand Against Terminal Illness — Self-Delusion, or the ‘Good Fight’?

By Shawn Kennedy, MA, RN, AJN interim editor-in-chief

This week, The New York Times published an article about a young palliative care specialist who, when advised her cancer had progressed to the point where she should consider palliative care, rejected the notion and proceeded to pursue all available options. She was only 40 years old and said she was not ready to die. While the aggressive treatments (which she had plenty of money to pursue) gave her about another year, the article explains that her final days were spent heavily medicated for pain from the tumors throughout her body—even as she continued to request brutally painful procedures with little chance of prolonging her life.

That was her choice, and she knew what she was choosing. But that doesn’t always happen; too often, people really don’t know what it may cost them to take a stand against the inevitable. (For an engaging and comprehensive look at the issue and its implications for nurses, see Life Support Interventions at the End of Life: Unintended Consequences in the January issue of AJN.)

This month, AJN’s Reflections essay describes a scenario when full disclosure of the likely results of pursuing treatment wasn’t forthcoming from health providers. It tells of one nurse’s dilemma in balancing her role as family member and as a nurse during the last days of her mother-in-law’s […]