I stepped toward him and put my hand on his shoulder, thinking that I’d just seen this man’s last breath, and that he was gone.

‘EKG’ May Sound Right, But It’s Not

A cranky curmudgeon

I underwent laparoscopic repair of an umbilical hernia two weeks ago (my 10 incisions are healing nicely, thank you, although the itching is nearly unbearable). In preparation for the operation, I was asked to have blood work done and to undergo an electrocardiogram.

When I arrived at the office where the electrocardiogram would be performed, the woman at the desk asked me what I was there for. I said, “An ECG.”

And then she “corrected” me: “You mean EKG.”

She also told me that the person who was to perform the procedure wasn’t in that day and that I’d have to come back and. . . . I needed her information—and I couldn’t afford to tick her off—so I didn’t respond.

But I wanted to. […]

August 13th, 2009|Nursing|7 Comments